• 5 Cliches About Plastic Surgery You Should Avoid At All Costs

    Cliches are everywhere. And while most of them are harmless, some cliches or preconceived notions pose a threat to the level of acceptance and understanding of the masses towards a particular discipline. One such domain is plastic surgery.

    Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the two most misunderstood areas of medical science. There are many prevalent but baseless misconceptions surrounding plastic surgery. It is crucial to knock-down such cliches to enable the masses to make decisions based on facts rather than myths, cliches, and rumors.

    The term “Plastic Surgery” poses many questions in people’s minds, which is okay. But, to get the wrong answers to these questions is not okay. This leads to many misconceptions about plastic surgery, and people tend to think negatively about it. False assumptions do not let people get the absolute benefit of scientific innovations that help improve their appearances and lifestyles. This is misleading.

    We highly recommend that you visit a reputable and board-certified plastic surgeon. If that is not on your radar right now, read on to know more about the five most common cliches you must abandon to get rid of misleading information regarding plastic surgery.

    1. Plastic Surgery is Vain and Unethical

    The biggest self-perpetuating cliche is that people opt for such procedures for the sake of vanity. The fear of others thinking of them as ‘vain’ and looking ‘unnatural’ after the surgery takes over the mind, and you drop the idea altogether. Your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs are the reason behind such cliches getting popular. With the advancement of technology and skilled board-certified plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgery no longer leaves the patient looking ‘plastic’ so that they can go back to their daily life after the surgery without feeling self-conscious.

    If it makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your self-esteem, by all means, go for it. All those who judge you won’t be there to look out for you if you mess up things because of your self-image issues.

    1. Only Rich People Can Afford Plastic Surgery

    If you are one of those people who think that temporary solutions are a cheaper way to get by without having to shell out big bucks for plastic surgery, think again. It turns out that plastic surgery costs less than the combined amount of money you will spend on retouching and redoing temporary solutions. If you want to make substantial improvements to your physical appearance, saving up your desired procedure should be your top priority. Moreover, recent non-surgical procedures such as botox injections and Juvederm fillers are cost-effective too.

    1. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries are A Womanly Thing To Do

    It is not only a sexist statement but also has no base in reality. In today’s modern times, both men and women are equally open and secure about their physical appearance and self-care. It makes no sense to assume that men are not alien to the need for an emotional and psychological appraisal from peers.

    Metrosexual men of the modern age undertake surgeries that cater to men’s needs like botox and eyelid surgeries, abs reconstruction, and eye-bag removal surgeries.

    1. Only Senior Citizens and Aging Adults Need Plastic Surgeries

    This cannot be farther from the truth. Considering the effects of aging in older adults with sagging skin are more likely to look overdone after getting plastic surgery than younger people. 

    In case you tend to postpone plastic surgery until after you get those fine lines and sagging skin in your late 50s, please reconsider your decision. To get a more natural look and appeal after the procedure is done, go for it sooner rather than later.

    1. Plastic Surgery Hampers Normal Bodily Functions 

    This is one of the most dangerous cliches and stereotypes amongst all the others. It hampers your ability to make rational decisions as fear takes over your senses. You need to know that while the human body has incredible healing powers, recent scientific technologies have paved the way for painless procedures and rapid recoveries. 

    According to expert plastic surgeons, it depends on how minor or major the procedure is and what body part is being operated on in the surgery. Most plastic surgeries are known to heal within a few days and weeks.





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